Take the trip you have always dreamed of in one of Indonesia's most remote and unexplored regions!

Welcome to the One of a Kind Floating Surf House ResortCome experience the Banyak Surf Resort that is often described as Water World.  Enjoy our incredible resort while staying in undisputedly the nicest accommodations in the Banyak Islands, the Aquatic Stilt Houses, with fan and air conditioned cooled rooms, views of all the waves in the Bay of Plenty from your door step, and with ease to access the waves whenever you want which are located just a minute away in one of our speed boats!

If surfing the best waves at the best times is your goal, and you are looking for the trip of a lifetime, then stay at a resort that is surfer owned and operated.  The Floating Surf House has been operating in the Banyak Islands for nine years. Our expertise, local knowledge, and desire to get the best waves at the best moment will make your scoring potential unparalleled to the others.  Not only does the Bay of Plenty (where we are located) have epic waves but we will also take you to the infamous Treasure Island, which is only 45 minutes away, and is one of the best waves in Indonesia.


Our Resort is strategically located so you have the most effortless access to all the waves in the Bay of Plenty. Enjoy cool breezes from 360 degrees while staying away from the sand fleas (aka no see ums) and snakes that inhabit these islands. Don't be fooled.  This Jungle is one of the most hostile environments you could ever wish to explore and just one quick trip is enough to make you more than stoked you are staying on the water.

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