The Waves

We are located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty where you have a choice between three incredible waves within a one minute boat ride, Gunturs, Dindos, and Lolok Point, plus access to many other nearby spots and Treasure Island lies less than an hour away!!


The waves you will typically be surfing in the Bay of Plenty are Gunturs, Dindos, and Lolok Point.  Gunturs is one of the best waves in the Banyak Islands and can get absolutely epic with four barrels possible on one wave.  Lolok Point has been featured for 'The Search' and Dindo's is probably one of the most fun and playful waves in the entire region.  Regardless of what you might be told....there are not six waves breaking in the Bay of Plenty. We are surfers who surf these waves daily. Yes there is a wave that is called Camel Backs, it is super shallow ending on dry reef, but if you are an expert and charge then on its' day it can be epic. (The number of times this wave is surfed each year is less than five) Kiddie corners isn't really a wave either. Maybe once a year on the biggest swell, dead low tide, you might be able to catch a super fat 3 second ride.

Shorty's is another incredible wave located just a few minutes from our surf resort and being surfers we have tried to keep this a secret.  Unfortunately other people do't feel the same way and yes we are more than stoked to take you there.

In addition to these waves we know of and have surfed two other secret spots that we will not mention on this website.  Stay with us and you have the best chance of scoring these waves. One of the waves was discovered by Erwin and he has named it after his daughter.  Being surfers we have the best knowledge to score these waves. We have never seen or surfed any of these spots with a single other person.  



Guntrs is probably the most consistent wave in the Banyak Islands and is an incredible righthander. It has an outside barreling section and linking up some turns takes you into the shallow but epic inside section where six second barrels are possible.  It's possible to get three barrels on one wave.



Dindos is the lefthander across the bay from The Floating Surf House and can seem dreamlike with its turquoise walls and endless lipbash sections. It's often compared to Macaronis when its on but without the barrel. It is one of the most fun, friendly, and forgiving waves in the banyak islands.

Lolok Point


Lolok Point is the outside lefthander and is the heavy weight in the bay. It has big long walls, with huge carves possible, and freight trains into an intense barrel on the inside. It takes a medium swell to start working and will produce those big Indo style barrels when it does. It holds anywhere from six to fifteen plus feet.


This wave is a grower.  Take off on a waist high wave and backdoor a head high barrel.  Like the name describes...its not a long wave but the fun factor is rated 10. One of the friendliest barrels in the islands.

Treasure Island

This wave is an absolute dream. It is a long right hand point break with three barrel sections. Everytime it's going off we hear people say "That was the best wave of my life!"

This can either be a playful fun wave when small or serve up big heavy barrels with the right swell direction.  Definitely one of our favorites!

There are also other epic spots nearby that we can access with our speedboats.  Lizards Nest is a short 30 minute speed boat ride away from The Floating Surf House and is considered one of Indonesia's best right barrels with double digit barrel rides possible.  Warrens right across the channel from Cobras offers right barrels. A little further down the coast is Turtles which is a consistent left when the swell is small.  There are also other diamonds hidden in the rough but we cannot give away all the secrets here on the website....sorry.  If you come visit and the opportunity presents itself you will be introduced to some of these unknown gems.  

If your goal is to really surf the best waves for your surf holiday then why would you stay with someone who doesn't surf?!  We will use our experience, local knowledge, and expertise to get you to the best waves at the right times.  We love surfing!!!