It's been a great season.

Sept 18.

p.s. sorry for the delay in postings....too much surf.

Well honestly it's been an incredible season.  We had kind of a slow start in March and April this year but when it started happening, the epic surf, it didn't stop.  As of late it has been a little quiet too but there still has been those days that make it all worth it.  Reflecting on the trip from Sept. 1 - Sept. 10 there were some fun shoulder head high days in the beginning then it went FLAT for a few days.  Yes FLAT and that is not normal.  It might go flat for a day once a month during high season but not for four days...I guess when you have 30 days of huge epic swells the ocean counter balances with some down time.  We managed to stay busy by zipping over to Turtles in our speed boat and scoring some playful head high waves....but then it happened.  There was a big straight south predicted for the 8th and when it's straight south you gotta know where to go.  Well we did and we scored.  Perfect overhead barreling couple of hundred meter rides.  I had over 20 + made barrels and the one triple barrel wave I got made my day.  There were moments where there were just five of us in the water.  Stoked guests.











35 Days of Perfection

July 27, 2018

This was and will be a forever memorable run of perfect waves.  25 days straight of perfectin followed by the recent big wednesday swell.  


                                                                          That was some Epic Surf

                                                                                                  June 20, 2018

Well the boys just got an epic trip.  It was Marcos and his friends along with a few other guests.  Cobras was firing and we managed to get a few days of absolute perfection all by ourselves....then near the end of the trip we got a solid swell and the Bay of Plenty (where we are located) It turned into a wave park.  All the waves fired.

Here is a little taste of Cobras doing its of the bay coming soon.  








One of the most awesome parts of this session was when everyone paddled in for lunch except Lucas.  He started screaming with joy having perfect 4-6 ft surf all to himself.  He surfed 5 hours straight

                                                                                            Two New Swells on the Way!!          

                                                                                                       June 8, 2018


Two repeat guests coming back.....Marcos Dias Alvarez.  This will be his 6th time at the FSH!!!!!!!

He is almost a Banyak Island Local

and Laurie Woolmer  (This is his 5th time staying with us!)       



                                                                                              The Oneill Group                                                                                          

                                                                                  Trip from May 20 to June 1, 2018


Wow what can we say.  A class act group of guys.  This was there third trip here in the Banyak Islands.  First time they stayed with someone else but then found us.  This was there second time staying with us.  We were stoked to see them and the surf forecast for their trip.  We knew the waves were going to crescendo with the swell increasing throughout the forecast but wow did the seaweed clog the magic?? 3-5 feet came in at around 2 feet the first few days.  Not to worry though, after a couple small but perfect days soon the flood gates opened and the Bay of Plenty turned on!  Gunturs and Dindos was firing.  All the guests had epic sessions by themselves or with a friend. Late May and still surfing alone!  Because these guests are so cool we stoked them out with a complimentary day trip to Treasure Island on our Barracuda Charter Boat!  When they motored around the corner after looking at small Treasure Island they were blown away by what they saw.  Cobras was absolutely firing!!!  Over head to double overhead, offshore, and completely perfect!!! There was one Charter Boat already enjoying it, was about 10 am, but by the time the boys were ready to surf and geared up, the other boats guests all went in leaving it for our guests.  The boys surfed for about four hours and all got some of the best waves of their life with the standard going to the fearless Richard who was stuffing himself in double overhead pits....all calm and cool.

After scoring the Bay of Plenty and Cobras they were more then stoked and are probably already planning their next trip.  We know Luke Oneill is planning on coming for a month next year!! Yeww Boys!!

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