The Resort

Located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in the Banyak Islands is our Floating Surf House Resort Enjoy indisputable comfort while staying in one of the five rooms on our beautiful, clean, and stylish Aquatic Stilt Houses with fans, air conditioning, mosquito nets, and everything you need to relax after surfing waves most people only dream of.  Our Banyak surf resort looks directly at Gunturs but has views of all the waves in the bay right from your doorstep. Our resort has new mattresses to new pillows, clean snow white sheets, surf artwork on the walls, private bathrooms, showers, plus all the amenities on our Floating Surf House just a few steps away.  


We offer on demand boat access to all the waves in the Bay of Plenty, which our located just one minute away with our speed boats, and you can see all three waves from every deck on our resort while relaxing in soft breatheable hammocks. Our setup remains incredibly clean without sand and dirt being tracked in. From the surf to our surf resort and back...there isn't any need to wipe your feet before entering.


The concept for our surf resort being located on the water was to get away from all the predators in the jungle. This jungle paradise has many sand fleas (aka no-see-ums), mosquitoes, and with the vast variety of snakes plus many other we had no desire to build our surf resort on land.  Stay on one of the three Aquatic Stilt Houses and enjoy all the extras on The Floating Surf House in between surfs . (Lounge with satellite t.v. and usb attachment for movies, dining room area with comfortable cushioned seating, huge fish tank, game room with ping pong, darts, and more.)  Our Surf Resort receives breezes from 360 degrees,


All of our guests stay and sleep on the incredibly stable Aquatic Stilt Houses which are the most comfortable accommodations in the Bay of Plenty and are also stylish and modern. Our Banyak Island surf resort is located inside a protected shallow reef so we rarely are effected by any wave action. Calm waters surround our resort even when the surf is epic! 

The Aquatic Stilt Houses
These two beautiful stilt houses have four rooms with fans and air conditioning, the cleanest most comfortable mattresses with spotless white sheets, new pillows, mezmorizing surf art, mosquito nets, hammocks, outside seating with view of the surf, sun decks, private bathrooms, shower, and storage areas.
The Floating Surf House
This one of a kind surf house has a large dining area, satellite tv with usb attachment, comfortable chairs, a game room with Ping Pong, Darts, and more. It also has a sundeck, kitchen, internet room, surfboard rack, decks to view the surf, and huge fish tank. Yes it actually floats on the water. 

Speed Boats

We have two speed boats with 45 hp engines, a ten meter wood yacht called '"Treasure Island', local style canoes, and when the conditions permit there is a small floating surf house near the surf to relax on, take pictures from, or fish.

Food and Drinks

We provide a delicious mix of western and Indonesian dishes. The food is always different as our cook Murni is very experienced. She makes curries, gado gado, randang, and sauces from scratch. You will not be hungry as we always provide more food than you can eat. Cold drinks are available as well as unlimited bottled water, coffee, and tea.